Friday, June 12, 2015

Family Relations Week 8

Affairs Always Ruin a Marriage

I can see spouses who have affairs with another person can make their spouses feel sadness, angry, and unloved. I know one woman, who has an ex-husband, that she was married to for many years and have children together. One day, she walked in to her ex- husband’s office and saw him having affair with another woman. She was heartbroken and she found out that her ex-husband cheated on her with lots of women, for many years, at the time they were married. It was a really hard time for her. She couldn’t take how angry she was with her ex-husband who broke the family. Today, she has been divorced for six or seven years. She slowly forgave her ex-husband with all the pain that he gave her. She finds ways to have peace and move on in her life. She visits her children (who are married and have children) and she always taught her sons how to be a better husband and father. Her sons listen her advice and are grateful that they have a mother that cares about them. She is happy to think about her sons and teach them how to become better people. The marriage with her ex-husband who had an affair does not affect her anymore because she chose to move on with her life.

I learned in class this week, what ruins marriage and hurt spouses is having fantasies with another person in their head, Facebook messages with the opposite sex every day, having a romantic relationship with someone else, being sexually involved with others, and sharing emotional feelings with others. The reason why spouses want to have an affair and have experiences with someone else is because they are tired and do not have feelings for their spouses anymore, like they were before. I have to say that it is wrong. I’ll tell you why. You never know how much you will hurt your spouse and how much you will damage their feelings. Marriage is about loving your spouse, no matter what and focus on them every day.

I know that the reason that married couples got married in the first place is because they love each other. Your spouse will always be your best friend if you will be faithful, loyal, and honest with them every day. Avoid having affairs! Focus with your spouse and build your marriage every day.

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