Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Family Relations Week 7

First Year of Marriage
I have heard many stories that couples struggle during their first year of marriage. The first year can be tough. There will be frustrations and tears. There will be fights, disagreements, and some changes. In marriage, there will be times when spouses are too busy and have no time to go out on a date. Some couples will wonder if they made the right decision to be married.

I know deep down that marriage is hard work and can be a challenge. However, you and your spouse got married for a reason. Remember the reason you fell in love with them in the first place. Your spouse is your best friend and your only best friend. In your marriage, there will be times you will get in fights or disagree on something. You can find ways to be patient with your spouse and talk calmly on ways you can work it out. Marriage is team work! If you keep your problems from your spouse, you will feel miserable in your marriage. Talk to your spouse, because they love you and want to make you happy. Your spouse will always be a good listener, don’t be afraid to talk to them about everything. If you and your spouse keep your marriage strong and super fun, you’ll have a happier marriage and you will feel that you made the right decision to marry your best friend.

Most importantly, you and your spouse should work together on a schedule for date nights and activities. If you go on a date once a week and do activities together every day, you’ll have fun in your marriage and build a strong relationship with your spouse.

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