Friday, June 26, 2015

Family Relations Week 10

Communication in Your Marriage

Communication is the key in building a good marriage. Communication can help solve problems in a relationship. When couples communicate and talk about how they are feeling about situations, they learn to understand where they are coming from and how they can move forward in life. During times when couples don’t communicate, they tend to argue and not listen to each other’s opinions. When a husband and wife decide to not communicate or understand each other the likelihood of them getting a divorce or becoming separated is higher.

My fiancé and I come from different environments, there are times when our opinions do not match with each other. However, when we do not agree on something, we talk about it and figure out a solution that we can both agree on. For my fiancé and me, communication is super important to us because we learn about our weaknesses and strengths by being open about our feelings. We have learned to always listen to each other. We have learned that when we have bad times and good times, we can solve it, fix it, and move on with life. My fiancé and I know that if we work together and communicate every day, we will build a strong relationship and have fun together throughout life. 

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