Friday, July 17, 2015

Family Relations Week 13


I know a few people today that have been divorced and it is really hard for them. Divorce can be really tough because it will create a broken family. Some children feel that they are losing both of their parents. The divorce judge gives the children the opportunity to make the choice as to which parent they want to live with every day and they will see the other parent regularly. After the court chooses the parent the child will live with, they can feel that both their mom and dad are not there for them. Children want their parents to be back together but that rarely ever happens.

I know divorce can be hard for people. However, parents who are divorced need to work together to keep a close relationship and be involved with the children’s lives. Even if parents don’t like each other, they need to put their children’s lives first.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Family Relations Week 12

The Joy of Being a Parent

Being a parent can be hard work, but also it can be the greatest job. A parents job is to care and love their child unconditionally, no matter what. Parents help their child to be a better person and to feel love at home. Parents should always teach their children to become independent and know how to manage themselves in the world. Children can learn lots of things from parents and always follow their example. Parents can be good listeners and hear the child’s opinion. A child needs parents that listen to their problems and is comfortable talking about everything. The parents may not like what the child may say, but they need to listen in order to understand the child’s feelings. If the parents continue to do that, they can find ways to help their child and give them good advice while respecting their opinions. When a child is in trouble, it’s important to discipline them, and to do it with firm kindness. Parents can put them in timeout and tell them what they did was wrong and not to do it again. After the child is done getting in trouble, the parents can say to them “I love you, and I hope you learned something.” That will make the child realize that their parents are helping them to not repeat their actions. This will help the child follow the rules in the future on their own. If parents continue to teach and help their child to become a better person in the future, they will realize the hard work of being a parent. This can be the best job for some people. When I become a parent someday, I want my children to be taught, and I want them to know that their mother and father are always there to listen and to love them no matter what.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Family Relations Week 11

Why Fathers Are Important?

I believe that fathers should be part of the child’s life, because it will help the child have a good relationship with his or hers’ father. A father should always be there for the child no matter what. A father has the responsibility to love and care for his children. In The Family: A Proclamation to the World says, “Fathers are to preside over their families in love and righteousness and are responsible to provide the necessities of life and protection for the families.” A father can be an example and care for his children by knowing what the kids are up to at school, what they are doing with their friends, and know who your child as an individual. If a father continues to do that, he will understand the importance on being a good father and grow his relationship with his children through life.

My relationship with my dad is super positive and we are very close. The reason why our relationship is stronger is because he has always been there for me. My dad has taught me how to become a better person throughout my life. I can always go to my dad and talk to him about situations that I am going through and he always will offer positive advice. When I listen to his advice, I can solve my situations and move on through life. My dad is someone who can be kind, loving, and patience. My dad’s role in the family is the peacemaker and is great at solving problems easily. I always look up to my dad and he is a great example in my life. The more I learn from my dad, the more I become who I am today. Thanks dad for being there for me and loving me no matter what. 

Friday, June 26, 2015

Family Relations Week 10

Communication in Your Marriage

Communication is the key in building a good marriage. Communication can help solve problems in a relationship. When couples communicate and talk about how they are feeling about situations, they learn to understand where they are coming from and how they can move forward in life. During times when couples don’t communicate, they tend to argue and not listen to each other’s opinions. When a husband and wife decide to not communicate or understand each other the likelihood of them getting a divorce or becoming separated is higher.

My fiancé and I come from different environments, there are times when our opinions do not match with each other. However, when we do not agree on something, we talk about it and figure out a solution that we can both agree on. For my fiancé and me, communication is super important to us because we learn about our weaknesses and strengths by being open about our feelings. We have learned to always listen to each other. We have learned that when we have bad times and good times, we can solve it, fix it, and move on with life. My fiancé and I know that if we work together and communicate every day, we will build a strong relationship and have fun together throughout life. 

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Family Relations Week 9

My Family Crisis

In the summer of 2012, right after I graduated from high school, my mom and I went to Utah to visit family and my dad went on a business trip to Texas. One day, I was hanging out with my big sister and her newborn son at her house. Suddenly, we got a phone call from our mom. My sister picked it up and our mom told us that our dad got in a bad car accident and was injured really bad. She said, that my dad was stopping, because there was traffic on the freeway. An old woman in the car right behind my dad was going 65 miles per hour and didn’t realize that she needed to stop. She rear-ended my dad’s car incredibly hard. We were freaking out and our mom told us that our dad was in the hospital, and the doctors were checking his head to make sure he didn’t have any brain damage. We were all worried that we might lose him. I was crying extremely hard when I heard about what happen to my dad. I didn’t eat that day. I remember telling my Heavenly Father, “Please do not take my dad away. I want him someday to come to my wedding. I want him to see my children. I still need him. I can’t lose my dad at age 18. My dad is the world to me and I love him very much.” It turned out that my dad was fine and there was nothing wrong with his head. The doctors had to take some of the muscle out of his two legs, in order to save his legs. Yeah, it’s gross! My dad’s two legs used to be fat and now they are skinny. Consequently, he needed to be in a wheelchair for a while. We met up with my dad the next day in Arizona, and we finally hugged him and we were so glad he was all right. During the summer of 2012, my dad had to be in the hospital a lot and have physical therapy. He did this for a year or so. After this, my dad could walk again and recovered really well.

That summer, my family and I learned that we should spend more time together, because you never know when you might lose someone you love. Throughout my dad’s accident, he was never angry or negative. He keeps everything positive, he made sure that we always had a smile on our faces while he made funny jokes. His positive attitude made the whole experience more bearable. My family and I believe that if we keep spending time together, have fun, handle situations, and keep things positive, we will be closer as a family and we will be able to deal with family crisis situations in the future.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Family Relations Week 8

Affairs Always Ruin a Marriage

I can see spouses who have affairs with another person can make their spouses feel sadness, angry, and unloved. I know one woman, who has an ex-husband, that she was married to for many years and have children together. One day, she walked in to her ex- husband’s office and saw him having affair with another woman. She was heartbroken and she found out that her ex-husband cheated on her with lots of women, for many years, at the time they were married. It was a really hard time for her. She couldn’t take how angry she was with her ex-husband who broke the family. Today, she has been divorced for six or seven years. She slowly forgave her ex-husband with all the pain that he gave her. She finds ways to have peace and move on in her life. She visits her children (who are married and have children) and she always taught her sons how to be a better husband and father. Her sons listen her advice and are grateful that they have a mother that cares about them. She is happy to think about her sons and teach them how to become better people. The marriage with her ex-husband who had an affair does not affect her anymore because she chose to move on with her life.

I learned in class this week, what ruins marriage and hurt spouses is having fantasies with another person in their head, Facebook messages with the opposite sex every day, having a romantic relationship with someone else, being sexually involved with others, and sharing emotional feelings with others. The reason why spouses want to have an affair and have experiences with someone else is because they are tired and do not have feelings for their spouses anymore, like they were before. I have to say that it is wrong. I’ll tell you why. You never know how much you will hurt your spouse and how much you will damage their feelings. Marriage is about loving your spouse, no matter what and focus on them every day.

I know that the reason that married couples got married in the first place is because they love each other. Your spouse will always be your best friend if you will be faithful, loyal, and honest with them every day. Avoid having affairs! Focus with your spouse and build your marriage every day.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Family Relations Week 7

First Year of Marriage
I have heard many stories that couples struggle during their first year of marriage. The first year can be tough. There will be frustrations and tears. There will be fights, disagreements, and some changes. In marriage, there will be times when spouses are too busy and have no time to go out on a date. Some couples will wonder if they made the right decision to be married.

I know deep down that marriage is hard work and can be a challenge. However, you and your spouse got married for a reason. Remember the reason you fell in love with them in the first place. Your spouse is your best friend and your only best friend. In your marriage, there will be times you will get in fights or disagree on something. You can find ways to be patient with your spouse and talk calmly on ways you can work it out. Marriage is team work! If you keep your problems from your spouse, you will feel miserable in your marriage. Talk to your spouse, because they love you and want to make you happy. Your spouse will always be a good listener, don’t be afraid to talk to them about everything. If you and your spouse keep your marriage strong and super fun, you’ll have a happier marriage and you will feel that you made the right decision to marry your best friend.

Most importantly, you and your spouse should work together on a schedule for date nights and activities. If you go on a date once a week and do activities together every day, you’ll have fun in your marriage and build a strong relationship with your spouse.