Friday, May 1, 2015

Family Relations Week 2

Who Doesn’t Love Children???? I Do!!!!!

 This week, I learned from my teacher that there are some people in our population believe that we should not bring many children into this world because there are too many people on the earth. Since “The Population Bomb” by Paul Ehrlich came out, many thought that populations would always grow and nothing will happen. While populations were growing, fertility rates were actually declining. In 1971, the United States fertility rate dropped to below 2.13 children per woman. The 2.13 children per woman is an important number because it is called the replacement fertility rate. With fertility above 2.13 children per woman, populations will grow in the long run. And with fertility below this rate, populations will eventually decline. Many people today think having many children are expensive and you do not need a tradition family. Some parents think having one, two, or three children will be good enough. The size of the family is the choice of the parents.

Heavenly Father’s plan for us is to bring His spirit children to earth. Every child should experience how to learn, work, and serve others on earth. Parents should have the joy bringing children on earth and have happiness in a family. Heavenly Father wants us to not give up bringing children into the world, even though it can be expensive. However, parents can make the decisions and timing when they want to have children. It is between them and the Lord.


My goal as a future mother is have a big family. I want my children to live in a safe, peaceful, and happy home. I love kids and they bring happiness to a family. I want to be a good parent to my children throughout their childhood and teenage years, before they go out to the world by themselves. I know that every spirit child wants to come on this earth and to be tested by their Heavenly Father.  


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  3. I think that no one should tell you how many children you should have or not have in you life. It is your own business.


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